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Bartending is a position that is notoriously associated with WHO you know, not WHAT you know. For employers, this is a very scary prospect. While a bartender may claim they have miles of experience, they may have never encountered situations you are expecting them to face in their day to day employment. Each bar is different depending on the concept surrounding it. Understandably, the training employees receive will vary greatly based on the needs of that particular bar. Bartenders coming from nightclubs have different skills than those who have been working in restaurants. Many bars are specialized, like wine bars or “shot and a beer” bars by either their concept or the clientele they serve. A restaurant bar downtown with a busy happy hour business crowd has a completely different set of demands placed upon it than a local bar in a college town. Our staff training programs are completely customizable based on your business’ needs as well as your goals for the future of your business.

Liquor is lucrative business – as you very well know! Entrusting bartenders with your wet stock is like handing them a pile of dollar bills to dole out as they see fit. Since most bartenders work as tipped employees they are using YOUR stock to THEIR advantage. While you can count down a drawer at the end of the night and hold them accountable for their sales, it is much more difficult to judge whether or not bartenders are using consistent and/or appropriate amounts of product. Our programs can be customized to focus on teaching your staff the importance and value of consistent pours for both them and the customer. We impress upon them how much this will increase their earnings without wasting yours! You will see increased profitability from your beverage program by instituting the simple controls we will cover in our seminar. We can also include modules for management employees that will teach them successful strategies for monitoring inventory, stabilizing ordering and identifying areas for improvement.

Remember how we said that being a bartender is about WHO you know? This is very true in service industry today. Bartenders often have an attitude, thinking that they have seen it all. Yet today’s bartenders are too often ill-equipped to deal with customer service issues that arise during volume periods and often ignorant of basic expectations of the position during slow periods. They lack the perspective to see how these basic skills and procedures can dramatically impact the kind of shift they have – both monetarily as well as emotionally. Armed with the tools we impart on your staff they will experience less stress in their workdays and see significant gains in tips. In turn, you as an employer will have a cleaner, more organized, well maintained bar and a staff that can serve more customers per hour, resulting in greater profitability in your beverage program.  

How much do you know about your beverage program costs? Are you able to identify and address the areas that need improvement which are losing you money as well as the ones that are working well for you? Do you have the latest & greatest beverage menu? Do you change it seasonally? Can you write new drink recipes and teach them to your staff? Do your staff know simple substitutions that will please customers but won’t break the bank? All these questions may seem like a lot to think about – but they are all key points that help you increase and maintain profitability in your beverage program. We offer beverage menu design services, as well as break outs that can teach the ins and outs of cocktailing to your bar staff. Additionally we are able to work with you one-on-one to address your skills and cocktail knowledge to make you a more effective leader for your team. Consultation services are also available, so you can learn the hidden pitfalls and potential of your beverage program.

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