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As a 30 year restaurant professional, Cocktail Chef offers independent bar & restaurant owners/managers affordable assistance with new restaurant openings as well as makeovers for established businesses. Interestingly, a large number of new restaurant/bar owners have never owned or worked in a restaurant prior to the current venture.Unfortunately, tens of thousands of dollars are spent without ever consulting restaurant professionals. This can be a costly mistake for a large number of new restaurant owners. 

Many inexperienced owners and managers are also greatly unaware of the value of qualified staff. These owners, in most cases, just don't understand that the FOH (Front of House) staff is on the front lines of your business. If you don't take care of your staff, your business will suffer, guests won't come back and your restaurant will struggle to maintain market share. Bad service = no guests. Success in the bar industry has more to do with your staff than it does the decor, which is one of the biggest mistakes made. In this case, "build it and they will come" only works for the first visit. Good service is what will bring them back again and again.

​Let's talk about the intangibles like bar consultants and a fully trained staff; these are the most important factors in a successful establishment. For example, you wouldn't open a hair salon with untrained employees or without ever talking to a professional in the beauty industry with some degree of experience owning a salon. It seems like a crazy prospect but every day, inexperienced people buy restaurants and bars without thinking about the level of experience needed to make a business successful. Neglect in these vital areas often results in failure. Trusting the limited knowledge of frequent bar patrons is also an unwise decision. Bar patrons are not experts. Don't trust any advice unless coming from a true industry professional. Additionally, simply relying on VIPs to bring in the numbers will also assure ultimate failure, if the business is not managed properly. No one wants to be a VIP in a club, bar, or restaurant that sucks. This is why celebrity filled nightclubs don't last when it's treated like a party and not a business.

A man once told me, people own restaurant because of ego. I can see that after many long years in this industry. All in all, we don't cater to egos. If you want your ego stroked and you're not willing to see your mistakes, faults, and weaknesses, then please don't call on us. As a service to those who truly need help with a restaurant or bar, we are here to help. Our rates are reasonable but this type of work doesn't come cheap. Call on the Cocktail Chef for a personal consultation to discuss your needs and let's get started turning your business into the success that you've dreamed of all along.

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