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Island Breeze:
4 - Basil leaves 
4 - Slices of cucumber
4 - Dashes of Rosemary/Lavender Bitters
.75oz Simple syrup (60% sugar / 40% boiling water)
Add: Ice
2oz. Apple juice
Shake aggressively
Strain over fresh ice
Top with sparkling water
Garnish with basil leaf & a cucumber

Beach Bum:
1.5oz. Apple juice 
.75oz. Pineapple juice
.75oz. Fresh lime juice
4 - dashes of orange bitters
Strain over fresh ice
Garnish with a lime wheel  

Apple Twist:
2oz. Apple Juice 
.75oz. Simple Syrup (60% sugar / 40% boiling water)
.75oz. Fresh lime juice 
Add: Ice
Shake vigorously
Pour contents into glass
Top with more ice & 1.5oz ginger ale
Garnish with apple slice