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These home mixology parties are designed to teach you and your guests how to mix hand-
crafted cocktails in the comfort of your own home. Invite your closest friends, family, even clients 
to your home mixology party and enjoy an evening of instruction, education, and most importantly, 
hand-crafted cocktails! Not only will your friends appreciate the opportunity to learn about 
how to prepare high-end libations, you'll also become the most interesting person at any party!

At home with the Cocktail Chef ~ up to 4 guests (Alcohol & ingredients not included) ~ $236
2 hour, full participation mixology class in the comfort of your own home

Mai Tai, Margarita, and the Mojito
Savory is the new Sweet
Healthy Martinis
Vodka: The Chameleon
Bourbon, Whisky, & Scotch oh my!

What to expect from your home mixology party:
Personalized cocktail consultation
Shopping list: Based on your budget!
2-3 hand-crafted cocktail & ingredient demos (alcohol not included)
Individual bar stations for each guest
Vintage glassware (keep the glassware: click here)
Hands on mixology education: One on one instruction
Custom themes: ex. ProhibitionTiki Lounge, & Bloody Bar
*World class cocktail experience provided by The Cocktail Chef

What will you need to provide:
Spirits & ingredients (based on your budget)
Space for the event (approx. 1.5 ft. per bar station) 
​Ice for cocktails

Bloody Bar
Tiki Lounge
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