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  Bachelorette Mixology ~ 10 guests (Alcohol & ingredients not included) ~ $299  
​2 hour, full participation mixology class in the comfort of your own home
Additional guests: $30 per person 

Mai Tai, Margarita, and the Mojito
Savory is the new Sweet
Healthy Martinis
Vodka: The Chameleon
Pretty in Pink
Cosmo, Flirtini, Sex & the Beach
Tiki Drinks
Or design your own party theme!

We bring a private mixology class to your bachelorette party! Working with your favorites, theme, colors - you name it - we custom craft cocktail recipes for your event.

  A TWO HOUR private mixology class at your location
Preset stations for 1-2 guests each, with all the necessary bar tools
Preparation of specialty ingredients and garnishes

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